Alphabetical Listing Of Song Titles (Solo Recordings)







    Alex Meixner

A Perfect Glow (Stay All Night)

After A Dream, A Difficult Tomorrow (Family Tradition)

All Around The World Waltz (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Alpenlade (Stay All Night)

Amazing Grace (Happiness Is A Choice)

Amboss Polka (Three Ring Circus)

Austrian Safari (Family Tradition)

Az Az Polka (Three Ring Circus)

Baby Say Maybe (Three Ring Circus)

Beloved, Be Faithful Waltz (Slovenian Gold)

Bergvagabunden (Three Ring Circus)

Bufcansko Oro (Three Ring Circus)

Button Box Bonanza Medley (Family Tradition)

Button Box Dynamite Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 1)

C&M Waltz (Happiness Is A Choice)

Champion Valley Polka (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Checkersville Polka (Like Father, Like Son)

Cheers To Y'all Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 1)

Cheers To Y'all Polka (Slovenian Gold)

Cherry Polka (The Legacy)

Cinco De Mayo Polka (Slovenian Gold)

Clarinet Polka (Three Ring Circus)

Cottage Under The Mountains (Like Father, Like Son)

Dance Hall Polka (Three Ring Circus)

Dance, Russian, Dance (Like Father, Like Son)

Db's Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 2)

Db's Polka (The Legacy)

Dekalb Waltz (Like Father, Like Son)

Die Voeglein Im Walde (Family Tradition)

Dig-A-Doo Polka (Family Tradition)

Dipasquale's Waltz (Digitally Yours Volume 2)

Dipasquale's Waltz (The Legacy)

Donuts Polka (Stay All Night)

Drunk Monkey Polka (Stay All Night)

Du-Tam Al's Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 3)

Eggroll Song (Happiness Is A Choice)

El Bandito (Three Ring Circus)

El Cumbanchero (Happiness Is A Choice)

Emily's Waltz (Familair Faces In New Places)

Evo Banke (Stay All Night)

Family Tradition (Family Tradition)

Fiddle Faddle (Stay All Night)

Fijaker Stari/Budapest (Family Tradition)

Follow Me Polka (Family Tradition)

Freddy's Dilemma (Familair Faces In New Places)

Friends For Life Polka (Slovenian Gold)

Gankino Oro (Happiness Is A Choice)

Gerlinde Walzer (Family Tradition)

Goat Cheese Polka (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Goat Cheese Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 1)

Godec (Familair Faces In New Places)

Grandpa's Waltz (Like Father, Like Son)

Grosse Zelt Polka (Stand and Sing Ein Prosit)

Gypsy Joe's Polka (Like Father, Like Son)

Happiness Is A Choice (Happiness Is A Choice)

Happy Mountaneer Polka (The Legacy)

Hawaiian Polka (Happiness Is A Choice)

He Ain't Right (Happiness Is A Choice)

Herz Schmerz (Stay All Night)

Heut San Ma Lustig (Stay All Night)

Highlands Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 3)

Highlands Polka (Like Father, Like Son)

Hoe Down (45 Record)

Hoe Down (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Hoe Down (Stay All Night)

Hot Peppers (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Hot Peppers Polka (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Hurray For Charlie (Family Tradition)

Hände Zum Himmel (Stay All Night)

I Saw A Girl Today (Stay All Night)

I'm Loving You Now (Happiness Is A Choice)

Impressions Of A Honky Tonk Button Box (Familair Faces In New Places)

Is Anything Better Than Beer? (Three Ring Circus)

Jelse Pelse Polka (45 Record)

Jolly Coppersmith Polka (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Jup Ei Di (Happiness Is A Choice)

Jurjevanje (Familair Faces In New Places)

Just For You (Happiness Is A Choice)

Jux Polka (Family Tradition)

Kamnik Polka (Familair Faces In New Places)

Kayla's Song (Three Ring Circus)

Kemmeter's Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 3)

Kemmeter's Polka (Familair Faces In New Places)

Kimberley! (Stay All Night)

Last One Down / Lily the Pink (Three Ring Circus)

Lee & Leon's Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 3)

Lee & Leon's Polka (Familair Faces In New Places)

Left In The Dust (Stay All Night)

Let's Go Ask The Band (Happiness Is A Choice)

Let’s Have a Party (Stand and Sing Ein Prosit)

Lieder Der Heimat (Family Tradition)

Livin' Groove (Stay All Night)

Lost Nights Waltz (Digitally Yours Volume 3)

Lost Nights Waltz (Like Father, Like Son)

Love Your Enemies (Happiness Is A Choice)

Mama Don't Allow Polka (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Mama Mambo (Family Tradition)

Mark Polka (Three Ring Circus)

Meet Me On The Midway (Stay All Night)

Meh Za Smeh Waltz (Sampler 1)

Meine Heimat (The Legacy)

Michael's Polka (Happiness Is A Choice)

Moatz's Boarischer (Family Tradition)

Moonshine Galop (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Moskau (Three Ring Circus)

Mountain World Polka (Slovenian Gold)

Musikanten Spiel Heut Auf (Stand and Sing Ein Prosit)

Neu Braunfels am Schoenen Comal (Stand and Sing Ein Prosit)

No, No Polka (The Legacy)

Norwegian Seaman Waltz (Slovenian Gold)

Old Timer's Waltz (Familair Faces In New Places)

On The Sea Waltz (Familair Faces In New Places)

One More Time Polka (Familair Faces In New Places)

Our Hometown Polka (Slovenian Gold)

Palesteena (Stay All Night)

Patti's Broken Reed Polka (Sampler 1)

Peanuts (Family Tradition)

Pennsylvania Hills Polka (Family Tradition)

Pipihenderl (Happiness Is A Choice)

Playin' With Fire (Three Ring Circus)

Pogatch Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 3)

Pogatch Polka (Like Father, Like Son)

Polka Chinoise (The Legacy)

Polka Classic (Three Ring Circus)

Polka Pearl (Slovenian Gold)

Pony Tail Polka (Happiness Is A Choice)

R & C's Polka (Familair Faces In New Places)

Radetzky March (Three Ring Circus)

Red Carpet Polka (Three Ring Circus)

Reflections Waltz (Three Ring Circus)

Renwood Waltz (Slovenian Gold)

Ribniška Valley Polka (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Rivers Of Pain Waltz (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Rivers Of Pain Waltz (Digitally Yours Volume 1)

Riverside Polka (Like Father, Like Son)

Rolf & Inge's Waltz (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Rolf & Inge's Walzer (Digitally Yours Volume 1)

Rosario Waltz (The Legacy)

S.F.B. Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 3)

S.F.B. Polka (Like Father, Like Son)

Sally (Happiness Is A Choice)

Sandy Beaches Waltz (Digitally Yours Volume 3)

Sandy Beaches Waltz (Like Father, Like Son)

Scheffy's Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 1)

Scheffy's Polka (Slovenian Gold)

Schwadamo Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 3)

Schwadamo Polka (Sampler 1)

Screwy's Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 1)

Screwy's Polka (Slovenian Gold)

Shake Up the Night (Three Ring Circus)

Slovenian Polka Medley (The Legacy)

Slovenian Village Polka (The Legacy)

Slovexican Polka No 2 (Digitally Yours Volume 2)

Slovexican Polka No.2 (The Legacy)

Smiling Eyes Waltz (Slovenian Gold)

Sondra's Polka (Stay All Night)

Spelich's Polka (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Spelich's Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 1)

Spiel Uns Aus-Play Us Out (The Legacy)

Squeeze Me (Happiness Is A Choice)

Squeezin' Jam (Stay All Night)

Stand and Sing Ein Prosit (Stand and Sing Ein Prosit)

Stara Harmonika (The Legacy)

Stay All Night (Stay All Night)

Stillman's Polka (Familair Faces In New Places)

Sviraj Ciganine (Three Ring Circus)

Tam Al's Polka (Familair Faces In New Places)

Tanzende Finger (Stay All Night)

Teresa (Stay All Night)

The 2003 Polka Medley (Button Box And Other Stuff)

The Duel (Three Ring Circus)

The Legacy (The Legacy)

The Legacy Waltzer (Digitally Yours Volume 2)

The Moldau (Stay All Night)

The Moonshiner (Button Box And Other Stuff)

The Wurstman (Family Tradition)

Three Ring Circus (Three Ring Circus)

Titanic (Familair Faces In New Places)

Toy Soldier Polka (Like Father, Like Son)

Tuba Polka (The Legacy)

Up The Creek Polka (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Up The Creek Polka (Digitally Yours Volume 1)

Weisst Du Muatterl, Was I Traumt Hab? (Family Tradition)

Westview Polka (Slovenian Gold)

When I Sleep Polka (Button Box And Other Stuff)

Why Die Thirsty? (Happiness Is A Choice)

Wir Kommen von den Bergen (Three Ring Circus)

You Don’t Look German (Stand and Sing Ein Prosit)

Zoey Lynn Waltz (Family Tradition)

Židane Volje/Du (Familair Faces In New Places)












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