Eric Noltkamper

Alphabetical Listing Of Song Titles



A Merry Christmas Wish Polka (A Merry Christmas Wish)

Acapulco Polka (Yankovic Classics)

Amelia's Waltz (Studio To Stage)

Andrea's Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Annie O Waltz (It’s A Force Of Habat)

At The Rendezvous Polka (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Autumn Leaves Waltz (Rosy Cheeks)

Bartenders' Polka (Button Box Collection)

Bartender's Polka (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Be Careful Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Beautiful Rose Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Beer Garden Music (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Blond Sailor Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Studio To Stage)

Bob And Stella's Waltz (Rosy Cheeks)

Bottoms Up Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Broken Wine Glass Polka (At Last)

Buchan's Polka (45 Record)

Buchan's Polka (Button Box Collection)

Buchan's Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Bunny Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Can't We Talk It Over Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Caroline's Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Champagne Medley (Studio To Stage)

Charm Of Your Beautiful Dark Eyes Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Cherokee (Indian Love Song) (Studio To Stage)

Christmas Is For Children (A Merry Christmas Wish)

Clink Clink Polka (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Convention Polka (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Dance With Me Polka (At Last)

Dick's Polka (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Dolly's Polka (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Dream Girl Waltz (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Enjoy Yourself Polka (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Eric's Polka (Button Box Collection)

Everyone Loves Someone (Studio To Stage)

Fiance Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Five Minutes More Polka (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Flying Home Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Frank And The Yanks (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Friendly Tavern Polka (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Front Porch Waltz (Rosy Cheeks)

Girl In My Dreams Polka (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Give A Little Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Go Man Go Polka (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Going To Pennsylvania (Studio To Stage)

Gone Away Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Green Leaf Polka (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Harbor Lights (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Highland Polka (At Last)

Holly Hop Polka (Studio To Stage)

Honeymoon Waltz (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Hot Pretzels Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Hurray Slovenes Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

I Don't Wanna Mambo (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

I Double Dare You (Studio To Stage)

I Know A Young Girl Waltz (Rosy Cheeks)

I Love To Dance Polka (Button Box Collection)

I Remember Waltz (It’s A Force Of Habat)

I'm Sorry Waltz (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Italian Nights Waltz (Studio To Stage)

Ja Sam Majko (At Last)

Jo Ann Waltz (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Joliet Waltz (At Last)

Jolly Time Polka (45 Record)

Jolly Time Polka (Button Box Collection)

Kaj Mi Nuca Planinca (At Last)

Laughing Bellows Waltz (Button Box Collection)

Little Johnny's Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Little Slugger’s Polka (At Last)

Lori's Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Love Just One Polka (At Last)

Lovely Flower Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Ma, I Miss Your Apple Pie (Studio To Stage)

Mac's Polka (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Maplecrest Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Me And You Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Milan's Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Moja Dekle Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Moonlight And Shadows (Studio To Stage)

My Fathers Waltz (At Last)

My Mary Polka (At Last)

Never Let Us Part Waltz (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Nobody's Baby Polka (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Old Fashioned Christmas Waltz (A Merry Christmas Wish)

Old Fashioned Sleigh Ride Polka (A Merry Christmas Wish)

On The Lake Waltz (Button Box Collection)

On The Lake Waltz (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Pauline's Polka (Button Box Collection)

Pine Tree Polka (Studio To Stage)

Pirate's Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Pleasant Valley Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Polka Pal Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Ponytail Waltz (At Last)

Poodle Cut Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Postcard Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Quiet Stream Waltz (Studio To Stage)

Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away (Studio To Stage)

Remember Dear Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Rendezvous Waltz (At Last)

Rickey's Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Right Time Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Rosalinda Waltz (At Last)

Roseanne Polka (At Last)

Rosy Cheeks (Rosy Cheeks)

Roving Lullaby (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Sabrina's Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Saint Louis Polka (At Last)

Santa Claus Medley (A Merry Christmas Wish)

Say It Over Waltz (Rosy Cheeks)

Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart Polka (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Shenandoah Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Simcic’s Waltz (At Last)

Slovenian Home Polka (At Last)

Sondra Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Spinning Wheel Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Springtime In The Rockies Polka (Button Box Collection)

Sugar And Spice Polka (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Sunrise Polka (Button Box Collection)

Sunrise Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Sunset Valley Polka

Sunset Valley Polka (At Last)

Superstar Polka (Studio To Stage)

Suzy Snowflake (A Merry Christmas Wish)

Suzy Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Sweet Pete Polka (Button Box Collection)

Tell Me Who's Girl Are You Waltz (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

The Happy Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

The Polka Country Polka (Button Box Collection)

The Rose Of Old Monterey Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

The Shadow Of Your Smile (Studio To Stage)

Three Mountain Peaks Waltz (Button Box Collection)

Tiny Tim Polka (It’s A Force Of Habat)

Tony's Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Tootsie's Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Toy Soldier Polka (Button Box Collection)

Toyland Waltz (A Merry Christmas Wish)

Triglav Polka (Button Box Collection)

Triglav Polka (I Don’t Wanna Mambo)

Uncle Billy's Model T Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Uncle Jake's Polka (Button Box Collection)

Uncle Jake's Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Waterloo Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)

Way Up The Hudson Waltz (Reflections Of Cleveland)

White Christmas (A Merry Christmas Wish)

Wolnik's Polka (Rosy Cheeks)

Wonderful Memories Waltz (Button Box Collection)

You Are My Sunshine Polka (Reflections Of Cleveland)