Jack Tady

Alphabetical Listing Of Song Titles



1150 Polka (Good & Plenty)

Albin's Waltz (Vantastic!)

Apple Dumpling Polka (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Bass Medley - Cecil / Lake Erie Polka (The Best Of)

Belle & Al's Polka (Vantastic!)

Big Splash Polka (Polka Cruise)

Big Splash Polka (The Best Of)

Brandy's Waltz (Vantastic!)

Cleveland Hop Polka (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Coffee Toffee (Calling All Polka Lovers)

Croatian Wedding Polka (Back To Back)

Croatian Wedding Polka (The Best Of)

Daddy's Little Girl (Putting It All Together)

Don't Pass The Sharon (45 Record)

Dottie's Waltz (Vantastic!)

Fancy Van Polka (Vantastic!)

Flamingo Waltz (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Flapjack Polka (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Fog Horn Polka (Polka Cruise)

Fog Horn Polka (The Best Of)

Glass Tower Polka (45 Record)

Glass Tower Polka (Good & Plenty)

Good & Plenty Polka (Good & Plenty)

Good And Plenty Polka (Calling All Polka Lovers)

Green Gables Polka (Vantastic!)

Hong Kong Polka (45 Record)

Hong Kong Polka (The Best Of)

Horseshoe Polka (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

I Love Everybody Waltz (Polka Cruise)

I Love Everybody Waltz (The Best Of)

Jacqueline's Lullaby (Putting It All Together)

Jaken Polka (The Best Of)

Jaken Waltz (45 Record)

Jaken Waltz (Back To Back)

Kenny Bass Polka Medley (Plays Kenny Bass And His Polka Poppers)

Lake Shore Polka (Polka Cruise)

Lefty's Polka (Happiness Is Polkas & Waltzes)

Lefty's Polka (The Best Of)

Little Doc's Polka (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Little Falls Polka (Back To Back)

Little Falls Polka (The Best Of)

Mario's Waltz (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Mario's Waltz (45 Record)

Millie's Polka (45 Record)

Millie's Polka (Vantastic!)

Mom & Dad’s Polka (45 Record)

Mom & Dad's Polka (Polka Cruise)

Mom & Dad's Polka (The Best Of)

Mr Button Polka (Back To Back)

Mr Button Polka (The Best Of)

Murone's Polka (45 Record)

Murone's Polka (Back To Back)

Murone's Polka (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Murone's Polka (The Best Of)

Music Shop Polka (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

My Happy Wife Polka (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

My Happy Wife Polka (Putting It All Together)

My Pretty June Polka (Calling All Polka Lovers)

My Pretty June Polka (Good & Plenty)

My Sweetheart My Little Darling (Calling All Polka Lovers)

Nichols & Bowes Polka (Polka Cruise)

Nichols & Bowes Polka (The Best Of)

Nichols And Bowes Polka (Calling All Polka Lovers)

Only You Waltz (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Pair Of Jacks Polka (Putting It All Together)

Pal & Gals Waltz (Good & Plenty)

Polka King Polka (45 Record)

Polka King Polka (Good & Plenty)

Polka Spectacular (45 Record)

Polka Spectacular (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Popeye The Polkaman (45 Record)

Popeye The Polkaman (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Porky's Polka (Calling All Polka Lovers)

Pretty Croatian Girl Waltz (The Best Of)

Pretty Croation Girl Waltz (Back To Back)

Prvi Put /First Time  Polka (Vantastic!)

Pucker's Polka (Vantastic!)

Puleio's Polka (Vantastic!)

Putting It All Together (Putting It All Together)

Queen Of Hearts Polka (Back To Back)

Queen Of Hearts Polka (The Best Of)

Queenie Feren's Polka (Putting It All Together)

Rita Ann Waltz (Calling All Polka Lovers)

Rita Ann Waltz (Good & Plenty)

Rupnik's Polka (The Best Of)

Rupnik’s Polka (45 Record)

Sangria (45 Record)

Sangria (Polka Cruise)

Sangria (The Best Of)

Sharon Don't Pass The Buck (45 Record)

Sharon Teamwork Polka (45 Record)

Skipper's Waltz (45 Record)

Skipper's Waltz (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Small Fry (Vantastic!)

Smile Sing A Song (Diamond Anniversary Edition)

Spicy Polka (45 Record)

Spicy Polka (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Steeler's Polka (Calling All Polka Lovers)

Swingin' Laddies Polka (Good & Plenty)

Tady's Polka (It's Terrific It’s Tady)

Tady's Waltz (Good & Plenty)

The Sharon Teamwork Polka (45 Record)

Too Good To Be True Waltz (Good & Plenty)

Tra La La Waltz (Calling All Polka Lovers)

Tra La La Waltz (Polka Cruise)

Tribute To Bass Polka (Polka Cruise)

Tumbry's Polka (Polka Cruise)

Udriga Matija (Here Come The Polka Heroes Vol. 2)

Udriga Matija (Putting It All Together)

Under The Double Eagle Polka (Vantastic!)

Vadnal Polka (Calling All Polka Lovers)

Valley Of Roses Waltz (Vantastic!)

Waiting For The Sunrise Polka (Umpapa)

Waltzing Waters (Polka Cruise)

Waltzing Waters (The Best Of)

We All Do The Polka (Good & Plenty)

What Do I Care Polka (Good & Plenty)

What Do I Care Polka (The Best Of)

Woodzy's Polka (Calling All Polka Lovers)

Woodzy's Polka (Polka Cruise)

Woodzy's Polka (The Best Of)

You In My Arms Waltz (Calling All Polka Lovers)











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